The world is alive, 

and so are you…

As a collective, we are here to access the incessant, vibrant communication of the world that surrounds us. So that every action that we take is aligned with the requirements of mother nature and her evolution…

In other words, we are here to reunite the flight paths of the Eagle and the Condor.

Meet Us

We are a team of Earth Warriors and Innovators.

Carrying indigenous wisdom and fully embodying our Earth-connection.

We are not scared of embracing the modern world, because we believe in both.

There is harmony in the high vibes.

Deep and sacred we may take you; on your healing journey, with you we may walk.

Never forgetting the power of community, collaboration and spiritual upliftment.

There is power in the high vibes.

With solutions for life transformation and re-equilibration, we are here in service:

To the people, to the planet; and for all our relations past, present and future.

  • Dr Isla Fishburn
    Dr Isla Fishburn Shaman

    Isla is a zoologist, conservation biologist, canine wellness professional, energy medicine professional and shaman. 

    She uses a range of indigenous healing practices to bring support to the energy system of an individual and how to re-connect people to the indigenous blueprint that they are.

  • Marc-John Brown
    Marc-John Brown Your Guide

    A dynamic practitioner of modern shamanism.

    He is a well-travelled, multi-lingual acrobatic musical martial-artist and he is the editor of

    Having worked extensively with an array of ancient plant medicines, he gives thanks for the healing and wisdom they have provided. And after more than a decade of training on the shamanic path, he is now here to assist you on your journey to healing, empowerment and raising the vibration of your life.

  • Erika De Brown
    Erika De Brown Shaman

    Erika is a native Peruvian woman of the Quechua lineage from high in the Andes of Apurimac, Peru.

    Part of a new generation of indigenous Peruvians, she has worked and developed herself over decades through shamanism and the use of sacred plant medicines to break free of much cultural and societal conditioning to be the free woman she is today.

    She is here to guide you to slaying your fears and stepping into your most empowered, authentic self – squeezing every last drop of enjoyment and bliss out of your life path!

What is


Shamanism is humankind’s original lens through which to see the world. It brings an intrinsic understanding (and thus command) of the underlying and sacred operating systems of nature, with the main window of communication and comprehension in life being the natural world itself.

This modality, also a pathway to healing, balance and restoration, is intrinsic to every original culture to have ever walked upon Earth. All of the world’s indigenous cultures practise some form of shamanism. However, the actual word ‘shaman’ is a word borrowed by the western world from the tribes of Siberia, helping us to conceptualise and comprehend the array of practices involved in such ways of existing. Each tribe in itself has its own name for ‘shaman’, as well as specific names given to practitioners of each individual practice within the wider modality of shamanism. These practices may include, for example, divination, energy healing, spiritual cleansing, spiritual extraction and exorcism, weather manipulation, story-telling, among many more.

The Shaman is the wounded healer and wisdom-keeper of the tribe. He has pushed himself to the very edges of existence to become fully acquainted with the power of nature in order to harness it completely. This is done always for the greatest good of all of creation.

Soul Retrieval

When we suffer a trauma, be it small or major, a part of our soul, a part of our essence flees our body departing to safety leaving us to cope or survive. Sometimes it can also happen that we give away parts of ourselves to someone we love, or through abuse or neglect we may lose a soul part.

This soul loss is a process that helps us cope mentally, physically and emotionally. Part of being human is having this adaptation mechanism for our survival. That part of us – our essence or life force – has the ability to live in other dimensions because we are, by nature, multidimensional beings.

When soul loss occurs, we are left with a feeling that something is missing but we are not quite sure what that is. Sometimes it is a sense of not being here, not being present, sometimes it is a sense of confusion, not being able to have clarity or direction, sometimes it is being stuck in enacting suffering and pain, depression may set in, suicidal thoughts haunt us. Childhood trauma is also a very common reason for needing soul retrieval.

When a healing takes place at a soul, when the re-union takes place, very often, it has an effect in all other levels. Soul retrieval, although very simple, is one of the most powerful shamanic healing one can have.

We will use our varied experience and discernment to decipher whether or not we will be facilitating the journey for you, or journeying on your behalf.

Psychopomp work

One of the most important roles of the Shamanic practitioner is to help lost souls to complete their journey into the afterworld. Compassion and unconditional love are the essential powers to accomplish this work.

House Cleansing 

Removing trapped energies, transforming places of negativity, space and house clearing.

Past Life Work

As the veils between the spiritual and the physical worlds are becoming thinner and thinner, past life problems and memories have been one of the main causes for people to seek shamanic help. We are all multidimentional beings and on the shamanic path time does not exist, therefore we can journey back into past lives for healing purposes.


  • "Marc-John Brown holds a gift within his DNA to activate the gifts within our own. He holds such sacred space to connect with Spirt, to see and embody your higher self thru this container. His shamanic work is a blessing that cannot easily be described thru words, but must be experienced to be understood. His shamanic journey connected me deeply to my spirit animal, which opened up and blessed a path for me that has been divinely guided ever since, and it is with deep gratitude and honor that I recommend you take the same journey for yourself so you can activate the ancient wisdom that lies within."

    Adam Rubin
    Adam Rubin Shamanic & Transformational life purpose coach
  • "Working with MJB was a true experience for me before working with MJB I was in a dark hole I was unsure what to do with myself I was struggling to find help that would make my mind at peace but then I met this hero that changed everything upside down from just speaking to him to actually having a session it opened up something inside of me and ever since I felt like a new better, better man."

    David Stepniak
    David Stepniak MMA competitor
  • "Working with Marc-John has been a deeply expansive experience for me. Prior to our sessions I was feeling stuck and unsure of what my next steps were for me personally as well as my business. During our sessions I gained a new level of clarity and understanding of not only what I was being called forward to do, but also the steps required to get there. A new level of natural confidence has now also infused everything I do. Mark-John is a pleasure to work with and has a seamless ability to marry ancient teachings into modern times."

    Laura Fox
    Laura Fox Certified Reiki Practitioner, Channeller, Weaver of Magic, Empowerment Coach
  • "Marc's ability to tune in and connect with that which the eyes cannot see is second to none. He guided me on a journey that revealed what I must do to heal myself by creating a space in which my own spirit teachers were able to share with me. I am grateful for Marc's friendly experience which is professional, spiritual, and wise. If you want to dive deep and discover what your soul is trying to communicate with you then I highly recommend Marc and his strong connection to source."

    Drew Drake
    Drew Drake Health & Mindset Mentor

This is  how it was always meant to be.

We can tap into the world´s aliveness and the messages it constantly emanates specifically to you. 

We will work to bring these ancient shamanic ways into a blended working harmony with our modern environment.

No matter if it’s the “Amazon Jungle” or the “Concrete Jungle”, spirit permeates absolutely everything in existence.

Discovery call

This will give you a chance to feel the type of session we may share. 

1 session

For those who may already be familiar with shamanic work.

3 sessions

We will guide you deeper into your own shamanic journeying practice.


For more information about our services, please connect with me.


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